Children and Families

What sessions do you recommend for my child's first year?

Babies change SO much during the first year and it is a great investment to get photos taken every few months to document the growth. Most parents choose to do one of the following plans:

  • Newborn
  • Sitting (usually 6-7 months)
  • One Year


  • Newborn
  • 3 months
  • Sitting (usually 6-7 months)
  • 9 months
  • One Year

What suggestions do you have for each stage of baby's first year?

  • Newborn-This is the stage that captures the newness and tiny features of your baby, as well as beautiful family and/or sibling photos. A Full Session gives time to get a variety of shots and set-ups. 
  • 3 Months-This stage is great for a Mini Session. At 3 months, most babies are just starting to get stronger at holding up their head. It's a great time for some pretty headshots and a favorite age to do the "Baby Bits" collage. This collage captures baby's features and is a perfect age for capturing some smiles for the collage. 
  • Sitting (usually 6-7 months)-One of my favorite ages, babies at this age are comfortably sitting and are great at smiling and making eye contact with the camera. It's a fun time to do some cute, themed shots and really be imaginative with the set-up, so I recommend Full Sessions for this age so we really have time to be creative and get some great variety of photos to mark this milestone. 
  • 9 Months-Some babies are standing by this age with support, so it's a fun age to use chairs or stools as props. I love Mini Sessions for 9 month olds as they are often active and on the move-a quick session is perfect for them! 
  • One Year-What a great age for a Full Session! The One Year milestone is a celebration and special for both parents and babies! I love to first do photos with baby in cute outfits, maybe with some of his/her favorite toys (my favorite picture of my oldest son at 1 year old is with his favorite stuffed monkey and his special blanket). Then the ultimate end to celebrating a one year old is a Cake Smash Session! Check out the Pricing page for some Cake Smash examples and details. We can customize the session to match your baby's party theme or nursery colors-be as creative as you'd like! 

Interested in a Baby Plan? Contact me to get the details. I have discounted plans for those that sign up for a Baby Plan for baby's first year!


What does my child need to wear for his/her session?

I love so many kinds of children's clothing-bright and fun, classic, trendy...I think it is most important to dress your child in what best reflects his or her personality! Feel free to bring along a favorite toy, book, or other item that s/he loves. Remember that children cooperate best when well-rested, so please make sure to schedule sessions around nap times and make sure your child is well-rested and not hungry when you arrive. (Feel free to bring a snack and we'll stop and enjoy it as we need it!) Some of my favorite clothing brands for children are Matilda Jane, H&M, Mini Boden, Old Navy, Gap, Children's Place, and Tea Collection. However, I find lots of adorable pieces at Target, Walmart, and even consignment stores! Layering is adorable in photos and adds interest-try putting a polo over a long-sleeved tee or a jean jacket on top of a dress. Check out the What to Wear album below for inspiration!

What do we need to wear for family photos?

With families, coordinating, and not matching, looks best! Think about starting the wardrobe with one interesting piece and pulling colors from it to coordinate the rest of the family. Think texture-ruffles, rosettes, layers, etc. all add visual interest to the photo. Accessories such as scarves, jewelry, and hats work great! Avoid being too matchy and avoid big logos that date your photo. Be sure to check out the "What to Wear" album below for ideas on coordinating outfits and adding accessories for a more interesting photo. 

What location do you suggest for our family photos?

I love using a location that fits your style. The clothing and location should coordinate, so if you have a more laid-back, casual style in clothing, I would want to choose a more casual location such as a park, barn, etc. Someone with a more bright and fun clothing style might want to use a bright-colored wall for their backdrop! We can chat and decide together what you love best and what will photograph best. I LOVE helping families coordinate their clothing and locations! Some places to consider are:

  • old, weathered barns
  • lake or pond
  • park with lots of greenery
  • fun, bright-colored walls
  • wooden bridges
  • green, grassy field
  • wooded, forest area
  • bright, funky train car covered with colorful graffiti
  • waterfalls

What to Wear-This album will give you some ideas on different outfits and how to coordinate patterns and solids. Although some of the clothing shown may not be available now at the stores listed, it does give you a guideline of how you could coordinate and gives you a visual of how they look when put together for photos.