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Thursday, March 02, 2017
By Lavender Lane Photography
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I have talked for months about getting chickens...we have a little bit more land now (although I pine for more...lol) and we've enjoyed trading out some of our garden goodies for fresh eggs. So when some fellow homeschool moms were talking about how much they love having chickens, I decided to take the plunge and get some! That quickly turned into ELEVEN as we don't know yet which are girls and boys. We only want to end up with layers (hopefully around 5-6), so we will give away whatever ends up being a rooster! At only a week into having them, we were already in love. We did a little minishoot one day to capture them at this tiny edge with all their fluffy down. They were already starting to lose some of that and get feathers, so we knew we had to act fast! They already have little personalities and we are enjoying them so much! I'll update every now and then, especially when they move to their coop and start laying eggs this summer!

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